Do I Need A Medication Card

As earlier mentioned,” Health Is Wealth “. With this in mind, we do not need any paperwork to be able to serve you. If you need medical help we will be there for you. If we know you need it then you get it. We can’t leave you in pain simply because you do not have some form of white paper.

Do you ship to all states?

We ship to all states within Australia. We can either send via regular mail which takes 2 days to arrive or via express mail. However, express mail cost an extra fee. All packages are provided with an independent tracking number

Discrete Mailing

Since we sell even without a prescription, we take safety in discrete mailing very important and all packages are mailed discretely with no labels on the packages so that only you and us know the content of what it is it and all packages are provided with an independent tracking number

Is it safe to buy weed online ?

Yes, it is safe to order online especially considering our safe payment methods and discrete packaging methods. We accept safe and secure methods of payments like bitcoin and also flexible payment methods like bank transfer and packages do not carry any labels on them

Can I pay with my card?

We are able to accept credit card payments. However, this is only safe with those who have a prescription or any form of state or government certification of authorization because if payment is made via card then it will appear on your bank statement as payment for pills or prescription drugs

How long before I get my package?

As for how long before you get your package, it depends on whether or not you are within Australia or Europe and from where you want your package to be sent. Within Australia, packages take two days via regular mail and overnight via express mail. If you are within Europe then packages may take 3-5 days. Note that all packages are sent out within 24 hours from when the payment is confirmed due to packaging time.

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