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Trainwreck CBD Perth Vape Cartridge


Trainwreck CBD Perth Vape Cartridge

Buy Trainwreck CBD Perth Vape Cartridge Online. Sativa-dominant Trainwreck originated in Northern California’s Humboldt County in the famed Emerald Triangle. According to local rumors, breeders christened Trainwreck on the same day a high-profile railroad crash occurred in the area. The hybrid blends genetics from three pure landrace strains: Mexican, Thai, and Afghani. The combination endows Trainwreck with markedly cerebral effects along with an utterly unique taste and aroma.

Trainwreck gets its legendary earthy, woody flavor from high myrcene and terpinolene contents. Elevated levels of limonene and pinene terps give Trainwreck a refreshing lemon and pine fragrance with just a touch of diesel. Lower vape settings reveal a slight sourness with subtle menthol hints.


1/2g, 1g


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