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Chocolate Thaighani Pre-roll Joint


Weight:  1gram
THC :  29%
THC/dollar:  29.0mg
Strain:  Sativa

Chocolate Thaighani Pre-roll Joint

Buy Chocolate Thaighani Pre-roll Joint Online Australia. Aroma: Chocolate Thaighani is a nose-tingling mix of herbs, citrus, and earthiness. The nose on this is not overpowering, but the balance of aromas provides a unique, almost neutral smell.

Flavor: A smooth smoke with hints of almond, clove, and slight notes of cheesiness. Notes of herbal flavor will also coat your palate with each inhale and exhale.

Experience: This potent Sativa strain is an excellent morning smoke due to its Sativa qualities. However, unlike many, Sativa’s Chocolate Thaighani is exceptional at providing relief for aches and pains.


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