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Delta 8 CBG Newcastle Hemp Flower


Delta 8 CBG Newcastle Hemp Flower

Buy Delta 8 CBG Newcastle Hemp Flower Online. Our perfectly hand-trimmed CBG buds boast effects like no other delta-8 flower. The psychoactive effects of the delta-8 THC may begin with a deep way of euphoria. It’s a cerebral high that stimulates the mind into creative thoughts.

At the same time, the concurrent CBG may act to gently take away the stresses you may have faced throughout the day. The dense, lush buds from delta-8 CBG are covered in deep-orange trichomes and resin making them visually captivating.

The flavor and aroma created by these hemp flowers are sweet and subtle. A trained palette will note a deep citrus flavor complimented with delicate notes of tangerine and chamomile.


3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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