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Viridesco SeaWarp Honey THC Oil AU



Viridesco SeaWarp Honey THC Oil AU

Buy Viridesco SeaWarp Honey THC Oil AU Online. SeaWarp Honey Oil (5ml – 3465mg THC) Hybrid 5ml dispenser This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 74.30% Cannabinoids! This includes 69.30% THC! This product has been determined to be a 50% hybrid.

Fantastic for vaping, smoking, topical & oral/edible needs! SeaWarp is a perfectly balanced hybrid that has a sweet flavor and aroma with herbal pine-like tones. It starts with a euphoric, cerebral, and mentally uplifting head buzz that’s eventually paired with a calming body stone that eases all your nerves and melts away any aches or pains.


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